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General business and commercial practice, including business collections, contracts preparation and litigation, creditor bankruptcy representation, and representation of lenders in collection and bankruptcy forums.

Kelly Patrick Albers graduated from University of Colorado in 1979 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business. Mr. Albers attended the University of Denver Law School from 1981 - 1984, and graduated with a J.D. degree in the top 18% of his class with an emphasis in business law and commercial transactions. After participating in an internship with the Birch, Horton Law Firm in Anchorage, Alaska, he joined the Law Firm of Machol & Machol in Denver, Colorado, specializing in business, creditor bankruptcy and collection law. In 1987, he moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico, where he joined the law firm of Lloyd O. Bates.

Mr. Albers embarked with the Campbell, Reeves Law Firm in Las Cruces in December 1988, became a shareholder of the firm in 1994, and has since devoted his practice to commercial transactions, real estate, banking, governmental procurement, local government, and bankruptcy law. In this capacity, he assisted firm clients in their issuance of SEC-registered securities, obtaining trade-names and marks, and reverse discrimination suits against federal and state procurement programs. His representative clients included banks, such as Wells Fargo and Chase Manhattan, credit unions, and various New Mexico road and building contractors. He stayed with that law firm until it closed business in December 2004.

Beginning January 2005, Mr. Albers opened The Law Office of Kelly P. Albers, P.C., where he continues to concentrate his practice in commercial litigation, creditor bankruptcy, collections, banking and real estate law. Current representative clients are Bank of the West, Chase Manhattan Bank, FirstLight Federal Credit Union, OneSource Federal Credit Union, and Albertsons Employees Federal Credit Union.

Mr. Albers is licensed to practice in the courts of the states of Colorado (1984) and New Mexico (1987), in the Tenth Circuit Court, and in the federal district courts of Colorado, and New Mexico, and the Western District of Texas.



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